'Witch Hunt'

Predictably, the media, the 'government-mouthpiece', is coming to the aid of the elites, the sick child-abusers and pedophiles - high-ranking police, judges, parliamentarians, all of them masonic scum - by crying "WITCH HUNT!!!"

Fact is, those who RUN THIS COUNTRY have been RAPING our children for years, since the beginning - we need to wake up, who gives a shit about 'X-Factor' and bloody 'I'm a Celebrity...' they're DISTRACTIONS. Look around, the effects of media brainwashing are clear, we've become dumbed-down, docile - we're nothing but cattle to them... Who cares about Jordan's latest boob job, 'OMG Rylan's been voted in again!?' seriously we're
PATHETIC, absolutely pathetic...

Everyone just stop it - we've let them torture our kids long enough.


Death of Society

In response too –
Two and a Half Men 'filth', says show star Angus Jones:


‘Filthy’ TV programmes like Two and a Half Men, where the women strip and have sex at a drop of a hat, and raunchy advertising and music videos are very bad for a number of reasons – it’s Media brainwashing at its finest. Women are degraded, made inferior and made to feel extremely self-conscious. Others, especially younger girls, tend to copy… Either way, it's suppression of the female and I think the aim is to bring society to its knees.

Disney’s Miley Cyrus being an excellent role model for young girls everywhere on ‘Two and a Half Men’

Let me explain…

These programmes give men a completely fabricated and untrue view of the opposite sex (how women think, and act, their role in society), keeping their minds preoccupied with more basic instincts. Along with women and their own warped views about men due to these programmes, the result is obvious - dysfunctional relationships, often resulting in neglected and psychologically damaged children. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as these children will most likely be unable to form healthy relationships in future.

The Jeremy Kyle show

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Media attacks the family as well. The family unit has always been a robust framework that keeps societies working well. TV always portrays marriage as a bad thing! If you’re a man, a family means the end of your freedom. Your wife will nag you and stop you from playing golf with ‘the guys’. Dads also tend to come across as incompetent, or under-appreciated on TV.

Children, who are growing up in unstable environments anyway, are further alienated by – yep, the Media. Where did all the love for the children go? Well did you hear? They’re all knife-wielding lunatics now! But don’t you see? It’s a lie, blown way out of proportion, and it’s actually a vicious cycle – the more the media directs hatred towards young people, who haven’t been loved or properly disciplined due to lax parenting (because of a dysfunctional relationship), the more they rebel!!!


Another group the Media loves to target is the elderly. Societies were originally made strong by revering the old – they were looked up to as teachers, their knowledge and experience used to advise and help make decisions… What ever happened to ‘respect your elders’? The media happened – old people are portrayed as stupid on TV, when in fact they are wiser than us all.

Grandpa Simpson

The overall effect is isolation – men, children, the elderly and every (it seems) woman are very much alone due to misconceptions of the other groups, purposely created by the Media. Women, for example, can’t even confide in other women anymore because they’re constantly competing – TV does a good job of making women appear jealous of other women. These ever-widening rifts are tearing society as-we-know-it apart… But what does this achieve? Well, a broken society, one where the people are divided, is easier to control. With society in disarray, no one seems to care about -

Children in Palestine

Emerging pedophilia among elites and Freemasonry

Rothschild Zionism, and the banker’s complete control of everything


Cynicism is defined as: An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others.

There is much to be cynical about in this world, and at times I find it all rather depressing. I believe that there is a small group of people who control everything - the Government, the banks, the media - and corporations such as pharmaceutical corporations, oil/energy and food corporations. Lets call them the ‘elites’.

The implications of the same people running the banks also running the Government and also running oil companies (for example) is vast. And It kinda feels like theres no way out, let me explain...

Starting off with the Bankers. At the end of the day, money is artificial - the banks can put as much or as little into circulation as they choose to cause inflation and depression. They do this to destroy businesses and buy them cheap, expanding their own economic empires. The banks loan money to the Government with interest, the Government pays back this interest using out taxes... but hang on - If I have all the beans, then lend you 5 beans, demanding you give me back 7 beans, where are you gonna get the 2 extra beans? I have all the beans... The system doesn't work, bankers just get richer - that's why we should remove privately owned banks and make them public! So, the Government is hopelessly indebted to the Bankers - and the Bankers control the Government.

Pasted Graphic

The media, aka ‘the Government mouthpiece’, controls the masses. People have become dumbed-down, narrow-minded and submissive as a result of media brainwashing. They use repetition - if someone is told the same thing over and over, no matter how false, they begin to believe it - and then, once the most impressionable are convinced, peer pressure causes the rest to conform. The media generates fear and hatred, that's all they've ever done. The media controls what we know - who says they don't make up or tweak stories to push certain agendas, or to distract away from important issues - they work for the Government after all...

Power over the Government means the ‘elites’ can do whatever most benefits their corporations. War is expensive, and the ‘elites’ make millions by funding both sides. They use the media as a propaganda machine to get the public on board, sparking prejudice through fear and ignorance. The war in the Middle East is to obtain oil - for oil companies owned by the ‘elites’ who run the Government...

Pasted Graphic 1

Privately owned pharmaceutical companies is a scary concept if you think about it - how do they make their money? Well, sick people buy their drugs. More money is made from preventative medicine, i.e. if a patient’s on a course of life-long drugs, rather than a cure. Thats the problem, more sick people = more money. These corporations are driven by profit, not a moral duty to cure the world of disease. This is why I'm suspicious of vaccines, illness is in their interest, who says they don't go out of their way to cause disease? And just think - the same people control our food industry.

There are so many levels to this pyramid - I haven’t even mentioned their selling of drugs to fund illegal wars and other black projects, and their involvement in cults, such as freemasonry and Saturn death cults (satanism), where pedophilia and child sacrifice are the norm. Pedophilia among elites has finally come to public attention, and how hard is the media fighting to downplay and distract from it?

Pasted Graphic 2
Freemasonry symbol

The Sexualisation of Children

(In response to ‘pole dancing for little girls’)

Ugh, I hate all this...

It's the sexualisation of young girls and its been going on for years. Pole dancing is now being advertised as a form of exercise, and women have been stupid enough to fall for it... To the point where their children are becoming involved.

And there's a word I keep hearing over and over - 'empowering'. Here ladies, wear these super high-heeled shoes you can hardly walk in with this incredibly short skirt - power dressing, it's empowering! Here ladies, take off all your clothes on a TV show called 'How to Look Good Naked' - it's empowering! Here ladies, slide up and down this pole wearing next to nothing - it's empowering (and it's good for your self esteem)! It's just infuriating, and it works because most people are
dumb as shit.

On Miley Cyrus... I'm 18, and I just caught the beginning of Disney's transition from showing all animated TV programmes to showing nothing but Hannah Montanna, Sweet Life of Zac and Cody, etc. Sit-coms with real people in, and it never sat right with me because -

1. It was aspirational TV - the people were rich, lived in massive houses, had everything they could ever want, the problems they faced were minor at best, which made the characters boring and the plot lines vacuous, feeling completely fabricated and unrelatable...

2. All the characters were teenagers, acting like adults, but the programme was supposed to be for children... Hence you get little kids trying to act like adults, because they idolise these weirdly fabricated characters that wear inappropriate clothing for children, and act inappropriately for children -

Acting inappropriately is an important point - there seems to be a massive emphasis on romance in these shows - boys finding girls 'hot', girls swooning hopelessly over boys, which is ok for teenagers, but it's being pitched to kids! Young girls are becoming very conscious about what they wear, because fashion is very much advertised in these programmes as well.

Miley Cyrus - an idol to young girls everywhere!

It's not just little girls we need to worry about, but young teenagers too. They're so easily manipulated - the thick make-up, the hairspray, the slutty outfits - all 13/14/15 mind you. AND the way these girls talk! It’s like they're in a soap opera! What's that 'Only Way is Essex' bullshit on TV? Well they talk like that, and everything has to be such a drama... they are definitely trying to act like their favourite soap stars and it's bloody awful, but I'm pretty sure the fascination originated from Disney's sit-coms. I’ve watched this full frontal assault on our children’s innocence unfurl right before my eyes!

Right. I'm done now. The sexualisation of children - Disney's all over it, and parents just plonk their kids in front of the TV because they don't realise.

GCSEs are 'Easy'

A* grade pupils ‘dumbing down’


I did my GCSEs (relatively) recently. It's called the 'Exam Game’. The whole point is to use certain 'buzzwords' to get the marks, it's not 'dumbing down', students are learning to give concise answers!

I really
HATE it when adults complain about stuff they couldn't possibly know anything about. A month ago it was 'English GCSE grade boundaries changed to be too difficult' now it's 'GCSEs too easy'! The fickle nature of the media and (therefore) the idiots who read and believe this crap is unbelievably frustrating...

Adults are annoyed - in the past many kids left school with NO qualifications. Now teaching has improved and students are more focussed on future aspirations, kids are getting much better grades. So now adults claim the exams are getting 'easier'...
NOOOO!!!! Kids are getting SMARTER, they are trying HARDER. In fact, they're trying TOO hard - the amount of pressure these kids are under is ridiculous.

Dear Adults, LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!! Stop fucking about with the grade boundaries, stop making up bullshit to make them look bad, LEAVE THEM ALONE. In fact, let them go, let them play outside with their friends, no homework tonight for little Tommy, let him frolic in the fields of his ever fleeting childhood - for soon the fields will be destroyed, concreted over, and he will be forced to grow up and pay a mortgage.

Don't cry little Tommy, just one more maths question before you go to bed...